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TF High Chapter 5: Anyone Care for a Hot Hog?

"Well…" Brandi Hound asks, as she taps her paw-foot impatiently. Brandi Hound had once been human, but like a growing number of student at Travis Fortmasion High School she had been changed into an animal hybrid.

Now half bloodhound Brandi had found a possible connection to the mysterious transformations; that being, all the students involved as well as the Principle had all taken a drink of water shortly before they had changed. Adding the fact that the genetics company GeneCorp had dumped an unknown substance nearby shortly before, Brandi had deduced that a microscopic inspection of the water from the school would prove her theory.

"Well," Peggy; the school's science club President began. "I have looked over this sample and I didn't find anything out of the ordinary." "HOOooooOOOOwWWw?..." Brandi tried to ask with a little difficulty controlling herself. "Sorry," She said when she finally stopped howling. "But how can that be? I mean all the transformees have no other connection that they're aware of." "Hmmm" Peggy thought for a moment." Where did you get this sample from?"

"Well, the school's pool…" Brandi began. "Why does it matter?" "Well maybe, if we are dealing with a type of pathogen we might not be able to find a living sample in the pool water due to the chlorine. Could you get a sample somewhere else?" "Not really," Brandi says. "All the schools water fountains have been shut off for special work."

As Brandi finishes her sentence a younger student starts shouting from the hall. "HEY ALL WE GOT FOUR MORE FURRIES. IT'S NELLY AND THE THREE J's THIS TIME!!!" "Well I guess I should get on this for the school paper" Brandi says as she begins walking out the door. "Thanks for your help Peggy".

"Well time for lunch I guess" Peggy says as she lifts herself from her chair. As she walks into the hall, Peggy is overlooked by the group of students rushing to see what animals their fellow schoolmates have turned into. Peggy is used to being overlooked, and actually finds the crowed relieving as it means no one will be able to see her sneak into the cafeteria. Not being seen isn't fun but it is better than being teased for being fat.

Ever since she was young, Peggy had a big appetite. She was known for being able to stomach more cafeteria food than anyone else in the school. She was on the short side and a little budgie, which made her an easy target for the other girls. "Well it doesn't sound like I'll have to worry about the three J's anymore." Peggy thought as she pondered that fate of Jenny, Joan, and Joanne. "That leaves…" "Oh Piggy?" called a girls voice from behind.

Peggy didn't need to turn around to know who it was. "Getting some food are we Piggy?" Coline Bell asked as she came up from behind Peggy in the food line. "My name is Peggy." Peggy answered softly, and obviously annoyed from the teasing. "Sorry," Coline started in her sarcastic voice, "I didn't understand you Piggy. You'll have to squeal louder." The boys behind Coline began to chuckle.

"My name is Peggy." Peggy said a little louder, she wanted to give Coline a piece of her mind, but she wasn't that type of person, she just couldn't do it even if it meant getting picked on. "What's that?" Coline asked, "I can't understand you little miss Piggy." "MY NAME IS PEGGY!!!" Peggy screamed just before she ran away bursting into tears.

She couldn't take it anymore, she had, had enough. As she ran into the hall she found that most of the doors and hallways were still blocked by the mob of students. Without thinking Peggy burst through the girl's bathroom door, currently marked with a under construction sign.

Peggy is soaked by an onslaught of water from a broken pipe, running as quickly as she can she heads out the back door and into the girls locker room. She is wet, cold, crying, and humiliated. Peggy sits for a few minutes, till she can't control herself anymore. "I HATE THIS!" Peggy Screams. "I HATE THIS SHOOL, I HATE COLINE BELL, AND I HATE BEING CALLED A PIG!"

Calming down slightly Peggy hears someone coming from outside, turning around she finds Brandi walking in with her tail between her legs. "You okay?" She asks as she sits next to Peggy. "I heard what happened in the lunch line…" Peggy kept silent ashamed of what had happened. "If you want," Brandi began again," I could bite that lousy Coline Bell for you. I bet she'd get the point then."

"No it's not worth you getting in trouble." Peggy says finally looking up. "Besides, she's right, I am a big fat pig." "Don't say that." Brandi says "Look I got some extra clothes in my locker. Go ahead and barrow them if you want. I'll go tell Mr. Gonzales what happened."

As Brandi left, Peggy began muttering under her breath. "I'm still a Pig," She said to herself, "Why can't I be more normal, or better yet why can't I be prettier than Coline?" Grabbing a towel Peggy begins drying herself off. "Then again," She says half to herself, "Who would want a Hot Hog anyway?

As Peggy Continues drying herself she is unaware that she has already begun to change. Her frizzy blond hair has become, much smoother and straighter, and her once broken out skin has become clear, smooth, and a slightly pinker shade. Her once short flabby torso has started thinning and stretching out.

Moving the towel from her head to around her now slimming waste she begins to notice that something is off. "Gosh, I don't remember the floor being so far away before. Come to think of it I don't remember these clothes fitting so loosely either." Only a few seconds after Peggy had finished her comments her clothes started to slip off entirely.
"What's going on?" Peggy asks as the reality of her changes begins to set in. Her arms and legs thin and lengthen, matching her now much thinner and taller torso. Her ears have begun to become a bit larger and cone like. Her now dainty fingers begin to grow a set of hard, dark, nails.

"Oh man what's this strange feeling?" Peggy says as she begins to panic. "I feel tingly all over, and what is this pressure?" It didn't take long for Peggy to find out, as her body thinned, more of her new forms features came on.

Her feet changed into the same hard substance as her new, dark finger nails, changing into a high-heel like hoof. Her face extended out into a long, pink, muzzle. At the end of which Peggy's nose changed into a pig-like snout. And on the small of Peggy's back, a new, curly, pig tail had grown.

"Oh man this really can't be good." Peggy said as she looked at her new pig snout. But not all the changes were bad. On top of her newly thinned body, many of Peggy's feminine features had been enhanced. Thought that didn't matter to Peggy having just been turned into a pig.

"Oh man this is about the worst thing that could have happened." Peggy said as she headed toward Brandi's locker. "Oh great. That's all she's got? Well it looks like I might fit into them now." Peggy began to change getting more of a feel for her new look…

Mean while back at the cafeteria, Coline was going on about how much more popular she was now that the three J's were out of the way. "I mean they used to be the top of the school. But one afternoon and they got from top class, to bottom dogs." Normally the boys around Cloine would laugh, but this time they were dead quiet.

Looking up to see why, Coline nearly faints from what she sees. Standing in the doorway is a now part pig-part human-totally hot Peggy, wearing a tummy revealing, tank top, and matching short skirt, practically a perfect fit for her new form.

"Well Coline you always did call me a pig," Peggy says in her new confident tone" but I rather like being one now that I've really gotten into it." Stunned Coline closes her eyes as she tries to think of a comeback. "Well…well…Well thin or no your still a ugly, smelly, stupid, pig. Right guys?" but there is no answer.

Looking up Coline realizes she is no longer the most popular girl in the room. As all the boys begin to crowd around Peggy she looks over at Coline, smiles, and calls out. "I'm not just a pig, I'm one Hot Hog…"

If the water isn't the source of the problems what is? Keep Reading to find out as TF High Continues…
Well here's number 5 of the TF High series. I'm still looking for a comic artist to illustrate these by the way.

Well by now you should have gotten a little of my pattern for names as well. With the few exceptions here and there, most of my characters names give you a idea of what they are going to transform into.

Chester = Chester Cheetah

Brandi hound = Bloodhound

Peggy = Piggy

even the school name Travis Fortmasion is just a sound alike of Transformation.

Anyway I had thought about doing a pig tf for awhile but then i though, how could I make a pig transformation a good thing.

And being a guy the answer was simple. Ugly girl+ pig transformation = pretty ugly pig girl so math mathematically removing removing the ugly from both sides of the equation i got.

Girl + Pretty pig transformation =Pretty Pig Girl. AKA: a HOT HOG.

I haven't heard of any transformations like this one so I'm giving myself brownie points for thinking outside the box.

Hope you enjoy.

P.S. If you have any ideas for TF high let me know. I might just write a chapter for one. and I'll be sure to let everyone know you thought of it.
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